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Welcome to the MuleShed, where we give your business (or hourly rate) a swift kick up!! As advertised in KnowUdidnt! Find our ad in most of the local friendly eateries around Franklin KY, Russellville KY, & Portland TN. Tired of being broke & want more per hour by starting your own business? Need more customers for your Mom & Pop Shop? Trying to hire quality employees for your large corporation? Data & info is the new economy. The average American is spending 6 hours a day online. Let us create an ultra fast, professional, uniquely branded Google Cloud instance, website, shopping cart, funnel page, or database for you that people will be impressed with & can actually use, & in turn GROW your business!! Call or TEXT 270-847-2955 now, 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

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Our Team as of 10-24-2023: Marc (Owner / Cloud Technician / Accounts), Paul (Public Relations / Advertising), Mitch (Full Stack Developer / Programming / Content Creation), Gavan (Developer / Business Networking), & JoAnn (Scheduling / Data Entry).


Many years ago our founder and CEO discovered that online data storage and website hosting lacked great customer service, so he decided to start his own business. Enter MuleShed Data Storage & Website Hosting. We sell many services and lease out data storage & computing power, including Cpanel accounts so you can build & control your website. Websites should be easy to understand, inviting, pleasant, and usable, not a lesson in futility or frustration. We work directly inside the Google Cloud Platform & lease computing power, space, and services from them, there are no “middlemen” or other companies involved. World class customer service is at the heart of our data storage and hosting business! Our phone number and physical address are at the top and bottom of every page because we believe in deeply connecting with our clients. Text or call 270-847-2955 24 hours a day. Thank you so much! Marc White USN-RET CEO / Owner

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We Don’t Stuff Your InBox With Confirmation Emails

We Are Not “Resellers” Of Hosting, We Have Our Own Server

We Love Animals & Promote The “Power Of The Pet”

Have Your New Website Up & Running Today!

WordPress Is Fun! Unleash Your Creativity & Paint Your Website

We Install Shopping Carts, Forums, & Much More

Home Office Managed IT Services Onsite & Remote

Have You Backed Up Your Financial Data? Let Us Help You

Utilize Cloud Computing To Collaborate With Your Team

Our Blazing Fast Server Is On The Google Cloud Platform

We Work In The Google Council Bluffs Iowa $5B Data Center

1430 Veterans Memorial Hwy, Council Bluffs, IA 51501

Google Compute Engine n2-standard-2 Instance

Upgrading To GCE c3-standard-4 Instance Soon

Ultra Fast Websites With Intel Cascade Lake Xeon CPUs

Reliable Balanced Persistent Disk SSDs Storage

Cloud Linux Shared Pro Operating System v7.9.0

Apache Web Server v2.4.51 To Serve Your Pages

Web Host Manager / Cpanel v100.0.2 For Your Use

MySQL Backend Database On All WordPress Accounts

WordPress Content Management System v6.3.2

Kadence WordPress Theme v1.1.47 To Customize Your Site

Immunify 360 v7.5.2 Server Protection Against Criminals

JetBackup 5 v5.2.11 ~ Nightly Backups @ 3:00 AM CST USA

Private Cpanel Accounts Leased Directly To You

Website Content Creation & Video Production

Business Branding, Marketing, & Advertising

Craigslist Advertising Content Creation

Social Media Content Creation & Writing

Domain Name Creating & Registration Lessons

WordPress Website Planning & Design

WordPress Website Installation & Page Building

WordPress Website Maintenance & Updates

WordPress Website Menu Systems & Plugins

WordPress Training Sessions Remotely & Onsite

Website Image & Data Optimization

GTMetrix Grade & Speed Boosting

Various Content Management Systems

Custom Built Water Cooled Video Machines

Crypto Currency Trading & Investing Lessons

No Upfront Payment & 100% Satisfaction

Work Billed By The Minute & No Multitasking

No Underhanded Baiting & Switching Sales Techniques

15 Minute Minimum Training Sessions

No Introductory Pricing Sales Schemes

100% English Speaking Native Language Team

US Based Company State of Kentucky

10% of ALL Profit Donated Each Month

Christian, Veteran, Male Owned Business

Pay By STRIPE, Zelle, & Bitcoin, Client Pays Fees

We Accept Checks & Cash At Our P.O. Box

No Adult Content Allowed On Our Servers

Totally Debt Free Business Since 2021

We Answer Our Telephones & Call You Back

Gladly Accept All Pre Sales Inquiries Via Telephone

Rare Limited Cigar Free To Every New Client

We Pay “Bird Dog Fee$” For Your Referral$

Promoting Sober Living & Alcoholics Anonymous

Your 3 Second Load Time Bounces Clients, Let Us Help You

We Use, Advertise In, & Adore CraigsList

Parent Company Website Available To Public

CEO / Owner Website Available To Public

Snail Mail: MuleShed P.O. Box 60 Adairville KY 42202

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Registered over 21 years ago, the All Premium Letter Top Level Domain name www.ndse.com is for sale for $250,000.00 USD. There are only 456,976 possible 4 letter .com domain names that will ever be available in human history. Premium letters are limited to: a b c d e f g h i l m n o p r s t. So, 17 to the power of 4 is 83,521 maximum all premium letter 4 letter .com domain names. On 10-15-2023 the world population was 8,066,707,395, this means that only 0.0010% of the population could own a all premium letter 4 letter .com domain name, or every 96,582nd person. The earth’s population is predicted to go to 100,000,000,000 people by 2100. In 2023 the city the size of Nashville TN would only have 6 people who own 1, that is how rare they truly are. TEXT or CALL 270-847-2955 to purchase this extremely unique, rare, Top Level, ALL premium letter, 4 letter, .com domain name. Serious inquiries only please! Examples: “New Delhi Service Exchange”. Thank you! We accept bitcoin! As an example follow this link to www.ndse.net

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Miracles In Motion Church / WWEF

807 South Main Street, Springfield TN 37172

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Allow our team to help you reduce your site visitor bounce rate, land more clients, and increase sales. The “average” web page size is whopping 2.2 M E G A bytes, large, cumbersome, sluggish, and down right slow, not good for your clients, shopping cart, or business! On Tuesday October 31st 2023, @ 6:49 PM CST USA, this entire web page consisted of exactly 119.0 Kilobytes of data, only 5.4% the size of average, because it has been professionally “optimized” by our team. An analysis at the same time at www.gtmetrix.com showed this webpage traveled from Council Bluffs Iowa to Vancouver British Columbia, a 1,788 mile journey (27 hour car ride), through fiber optic cables at a speed of 6,436,800 miles per hour, and scored GTMetrix Grade “A” with a “100% Performance”, “100% Structure”, “Largest Contentful Paint 306 milliseconds”, “Total Blocking Time 0.0 milliseconds”, “Cumulative Layout Shift 0.01”, a “Fully Loaded Time of 489 milliseconds”, “Total Page Size of 119.0KB”, and “5 Total Page Requests”. Approximately 50% of all web users will totally abandon any page that doesn’t fully load in 3.5 seconds or less, then NEVER return!! You don’t need a slow clunky website. Call or Text 270-847-2955 today, we speed up business, help your clients check out faster, and bring more profit to your bottom line! This site built with WordPress CMS, fast, scalable, robust, open source, community supported, and very cool!

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