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11-17-21 Franklin TN

Good morning! Here at MuleShed Hosting, we believe every plan should start with a great backup plan, which sort of reminds me of an older movie, Back To The Future, with Michael J Fox. In the show, they travel back and forth through time, all sorts of strange, weird, and funny things happen, lolol. This is our very first post on our new server we leased in the Google Cloud Platform, you can learn more about what we put together on the server page, a link is in the main menu on this website and always will be. If you haven’t realized it yet, we are not resellers of web hosting, we actually lease our own server in the Google Cloud Platform, when you are ready to have individualized, on site, in person, respectful and patient and kind training on the GCP, please get in touch with us, we are waiting to assist you and your team or company IT department sir or ma’am!! 🙂

One way you can always get back to the future, or rather back to the past, and reinstall your WordPress data, which is simply 0s and 1s (binary) numbers and charts, databases and computer language, images and videos, blog posts and comments, which in turn leads to the information displayed on your “front end” website (so your clients can engage with you, call you, hire you, and PAY you), is with a very solid, robust, and integrated backup plan! We have installed on the server, and are now running “JetBackup”, an extremely powerful comprehensive software program, you can find it as an option in your Control Panel, under “Files”, then “JetBackup 5”, a screen shot of a completed backup inside your JetBackup panel is included below.

We also run backups on all hosted accounts, currently every night at exactly 2:56 AM CST USA, just in case you forget to backup your own data, because fanatical customer service, care, understanding, safety, professionalism, and data retention is our top priority! If you like, we can even bring you a copy of your data IN PERSON, on site, to your home office, company office, or anywhere in the USA!! The backup for our current 4 Cpanel accounts takes 10 seconds, because we have a very powerful, blazing fast server, and our web company hosting software is world class, state of the art, and dominates the hosting company business word wide.

As mentioned before, and we will again, we are not resellers of a larger hosting company, we are the actual hosting business, and as you might imagine this takes a lot of work to install, run, operate, maintain, update, sell, and create. Total complete and absolute transparency of what we are doing is part of the business model we employ, everything except all of the financial data, which of course if private, although you can get an idea of how much profit we make by checking out a page on our parent company website, located here, . Also, please enjoy the first in a series of promotional videos we did, currently on the front page of the site, inside the actual mule shed out near The Triple J Round Rock Ranch, in beautiful Logan County Kentucky!!

A special thank you to my amazing wife Jennifer M White, and also my mother Joann White, for standing beside me, and believing in me, and our hosting business, we have extremely high hopes, and I love you both dearly!!! God bless everyone, God bless America, Jesus Christ is Lord, and MuleShed Hosting is up, we are live, and open for business!!!! Thank you for being here sir or ma’am, please feel free to call or text 270-847-2955, for all your hosting needs!!! Good day!

Marc W White USN-RET, MCP, CEO –

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