Stale Outdated Sites

Good morning from Adairville Kentucky via Council Bluffs Iowa!! What an absolutely, incredible, wonderous happy day of life!! Someone once said, “business waits for no one”, with this in mind, let’s dive straight into the deep end shall we!? Our goal here at MuleShed is always the same when we update our site with any and all data, to produce VERY useful information, ideas, principles, tweaks, concepts, habits, and changes you may employ in order to grow your company, team, client base, and so forth. Economy and business is exactly like your savings account, they need to consistently E N L A R G E, because of inflation, cost of living, and rising prices. Stagnation is our enemy, sure taking a day off once a week is great, but we love “the grind”, simply working and being paid for our efforts. You can either hold your hand out and take what is being given, or go out there and create your own reality!!

Yesterday was Sabbath, on Saturday. We attend church on Saturday as part of being Seventh Day Adventists, and mentioning this periodically is an important component of our “business model”, the list of DOs and DON’Ts we maintain. No, we won’t keep repeating it in the same blog post, discussion, or meeting, adults aren’t children for the most part, we shouldn’t need to repeat everything, lolol. Many companies never mention religion or politics, we feel this is a mistake, because now days only 50% of Americans belong to a place of worship, synagogue, or church. Jesus Christ is our Lord, we promote Him as much as possible, but we do steer clear of political discussion for the most part. After services yesterday, a dear old friend and I were talking and websites came up, specifically content, old and new content, and we agreed many websites have incorrect or stale outdated data and information!! Not good!!

MuleShed’s theory is, when it comes to website content, if anything on your business or personal site is wrong, inaccurate, broken, slow and heavy, unnecessary, or causing bloat, it should be removed and taken down immediately. We never, repeat, never, “have a second chance to make a first impression”, and those impressions are extremely critically important for success! How many times do I locate old stale blogs which haven’t been updated in months? What about sites I visit every couple of years and there is nothing indicating any changes were made at all, or even that the content has been reviewed for accuracy? Then there are those pesky broken links that lead to dead ends, how frustrating! A website, especially YOUR website, should never be a dumping ground, like anything else they should be regularly inventoried, surveyed, and organized. Take stock, then share this with visitors!

Instead of plowing full speed ahead with your comments, posts, shares, YouTube channel, Twitch stream, creating pages, blog, and online presence why not slow back down, kind of like driving at or below the speed limit. Get recentered, find some balance, think deeply about what it is you are doing, this way your “ladder of success” won’t be “leaning against the wrong wall” when you get to the top of it. HA! What an idea! Take the time to read your own content, what messages are you really putting out to the world and your potential clients. I would rather see, and use, a totally empty website / page with 1 good link, than to waste time clicking away unnecessary and unwanted pop ups, email list splash screens, and totally unneeded cookie warnings / agreements. A large part of the problem comes from people simply not understanding how websites work, and the technical aspects of the internet.

At MuelShed Data Storage & Website Hosting we are world class, top shelf, highly experienced, very well seasoned Information Technology Professionals and Managed IT Services experts! We demystify the inner most deepest technical aspects and complex workings of the world wide web and internet for our clients. It’s that simple. Period! You may not understand, WE DO, so text, or call, 270-847-2955, let’s start a dialogue to discover your tasks, issues, problems, plans, goals, projects, and dreams. Landing or funnel page? We got you covered! Menu system with shopping cart? Let’s get it done! Complex custom back end proprietary database? Its in our wheelhouse! Update your blog or refresh your entire site with new content? It will be our pleasure or honor ma’am or sir! Need a scalable cloud server? We will spin up your instance in an instant!

Text 270-847-2955, collaboration in the cloud is POWER! Thank you so much, have a great day, God bless you!

Sincerely and respectfully,

Marc William White USN-RET / CEO / Founder, Sunday November 5th 2023.