11-26-21 – Dir sir or ma’am, thank you for visiting this page, I am Marc William White, owner / operator / IT specialist of MuleShed Hosting, and I am so very excited you are here and reading this page!! This morning I am headed to see a client with Lifted Moving Services, a moving business I started this year, God so very greatly blessed me by leading me into an occupation I deeply love and am committed to, simply moving furniture, boxes, and things. Here on the Internet, and the World Wide Web, things are very similar to the moving business, except much of it is electronic, this page you are reading traveled to your browser and computer stack in packets, we learned all about this at Microsoft School in Athena Computer Learning Center.

Let’s keep it very, very simple OK? How does that sound? I am going to explain what web hosting is, in one word. The word is “storage”. Just like a storage unit for furniture and boxes, a website needs a place to be, physically and electronically, this is where larger more robust servers come in which are simply computers. That’s it, there is no mystery to how it all works, but very much like your car, it can get rather complicated and challenging to work on, at times, but with the right help, assistance, technical expertise, patience, kindness, respect, and determination, you can do about anything on the web in regards to your very own personal website!! WOW!! Websites are like paintings, you can start with a clean canvas, and paint a masterpiece!

Website hosting is where your website is, this is where a “host” comes in and I have always loved storage, especially safes, and also containers and boxes. I personally built MuleShed Hosting with my own hands, and with assistance from various support departments at different software companies. As you can see, our pages run extremely fast here in the Google Cloud Platform, and trust me, it is NOT cheap by any means. So, let’s keep it all simple, we are basically the only web hosting company in the world that will tell you EVERYTHING you wish to know in regards to your website, the server it is sitting on and its physical location, and all of the software we lease and use. Just like you, with all of your very own special skills and talents, we are special, extremely special, because there is only one MuleShed Hosting on planet earth!!

Come join us, let us help you take the confusion out of website building, forget about drag and drop interfaces which are never quite right, stop wasting time trying to build something just to learn “you can’t do that” with the products you are working with, and join other young and old small business owners who like saving time and money by planning, building, and maintaining their own websites…or we will be more than happy to do all of that for you!! God bless you!! Jesus Christ is Lord!!! Have a very fine day, and feel free to call or text 270-847-2955, we will get right back with you. Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart for being here! Love, light, peace, and joy from all of us here at MuleShed Hosting, where we love all animals, and serve up pages with a kick, HAHA!!!! Good day!

Marc William White USN-RET MCP CEO